The Rosé Sparkling Wines Awards

The BARCELONA ROSÉ INTERNATIONAL BUBBLES AWARDS are born with the aim of promoting and enhancing rosé sparkling wines, as sparkling wines of quality, promoting their knowledge, dissemination and stimulating their responsible consumption, linking them with the character and the attributes of the city of Barcelona.


The rosé sparkling wines are symbols of joy, celebration and gastronomy. Glamorous wines are ideal for social gatherings, festive and solemn for celebrations and romantic in intimacy.


Barcelona is one of the most important tourist, economic, trade fairs and cultural centers in the world and its influence on trade, education, entertainment, sports, media, fashion, science and arts contribute to its state as one of the main world cities . Open city, cosmopolitan, creative, mediterranean and world gastronomic capital is the best showcase to show the world the best rosé sparkling wines.


The BARCELONA ROSÉ International Bubbles Awards are part of the group of activities under the Barcelona Wine Week like the city! And they want to promote Barcelona as the world capital of sparkling roses and be the bond that unites them with the city.


The BARCELONA ROSÉ International Bubbles Awards will qualify the sparkling rosés from all the production areas of the world, based on the principle of absolute anonymity of the samples, which will be tasted blindly.

The different rosé sparkles will participate in four categories created based on their method of production and their aging.

A Jury made up of professionals of recognized prestige and professional standing and, in particular, with extensive knowledge and experience of tasting rosé sparkling wines, will be responsible for tasting and qualifying samples.